European Observatory of Diversity

“Diversity” is a concept that has recently gained importance and presents a central issue for our society as it includes economic, social and cultural considerations.
Diversity means fighting against discrimination in a positive way. This concerns any discrimination regarding age, disability, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin or different convictions (religious, political, philosophical,…). One of the essential elements of Diversity is the integration of everybody into the labour market, according to the principle of equal treatment.


The European observatory of Diversity defines itself as a platform for information on and strategic monitoring of issues related to Diversity aimed at reaching professionals, public decision makers and citizens in the same way.



Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility are two closely linked subjects : this section focusses on defining the two concepts in the centre of this observatory.



PLS team is made up of members with multicultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds and works in the public space alongside socioeconomic actors, having as its motto: ‘Understand to Act’.