A campaign to raise awareness of the specific issues and needs of LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers and refugees

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

The cornerstone of the reception and integration of LGBTIQ+  asylum seekers is undoubtedly the visibility of the problem and the issues related to it. The European campaign #RainboWelcome aims to raise awareness among the public, social workers and public authorities on this issue. A photo and video campaign to be discovered on all online platforms from the end of the summer in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.

"One of the first requests here is for a cocoon, a space of one's own to find oneself." Emelyne, psychologist at Refuge Bruxelles/Opvanghuis Brussel

Around the world, many people are persecuted because of their sexual orientation, identity, gender identity, gender expression or sexual characteristics (OSIEGCS). Leaving their country of origin becomes their only means of survival. The discrimination experienced does not stop once in the host country where LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers may face other forms of vulnerability and violence. It is to improve the reception of these people facing multiple discrimination that five European organisations have come together to create the Rainbow Welcome! project, funded by the European Commission's Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme (2014-2020).

As part of the project, the consortium is launching the #RainboWelcome campaign. An awareness-raising campaign composed of 15 photos and 8 videos illustrating portraits of LGBTIQ+ refugees and social workers from LGBTIQ+ shelters and centres. The objective is simple: to give a voice to those who are not heard enough, i.e. LGBTIQ+ refugees and social workers, who all testify to a feeling of incomprehension in the face of the complexity of procedures and a feeling of abandonment in the face of the maze of the system.

The campaign will be carried out from the end of the summer on all digital platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram) of the 4 partner countries: Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.

Raising awareness of the problem and making discrimination visible is the first step toward taking concrete action to address it. Take part in the campaign by sharing the content with the hashtag #RainboWelcome. Visit all @POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ-PLS social networks to follow the episodes!