Realizing Europe's Potential : Progress and Challenges

April 2016

European Women on Boards publishes a major new paper examining gender diversity in European boardrooms, focusing on the 600 largest European-listed companies. Between challenges and improvement, EWoB gives a complete overview of women's place in European boards.

"Realizing Europe's Potential : Progress and Challenges" is the new publication of European Women on Boards (EWoB). This paper focuses on the involvement of women in European boardrooms, regarding the company, country and sector levels. Furthermore, it explores the actual regulatory frameworks relating to this topic accross Europe.

Marie-Ange Andrieux, Co-Chairwoman of EWoB and co-leader of the study, shared her views on the mixed results: “Our analysis (...) reveals that the presence of women on boards has increased from an average of 13.9% to 25% in five years. In particular, the results show that women have materially increased their presence as independent non-executive directors, therefore enabling them to exert critical influence over the strategic decision-making of leading corporations. This is positive progress which will ultimately lead to increased innovation and competitiveness in the European economy and contribute to realize its potential of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”.