USA : better health protection for transgenders

Friday, 4 September 2015

Transgenders should get a better protection from discrimination in health care - according to a new proposed regulation on the implementation of the Obamacare.

A new proposed regulation on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) announced last thursday aim for a better protection of transgender people. 

For the first time, this regulation would establish a policy of nondiscrimination in health care on the basis of "sex". The word will be defined to include gender identity as well, in order to guarantee that transgender people have the same access to health care as others. 

The notion of “sex stereotyping” being included, this protection would extend as well to people who might be discriminated against based on stereotypical notions of feminity or masculinity.

This regulation would now impede insurances from systematically exclude transgender people from getting coverage just because of their gender identity. 

It would also ensure their gender is appropriately respected, especially in case of sex-segregated facilities and protect their access to medically necessary health care services. 

In 2011, a National Transgender discrimination survey found that 19% of transgenders who answered the survey reported being refused medical care, 50% faced medical providers who didn't know the specificities of transgender care.

Several states had already included such protections, but this proposed regulation would apply across the entire country.