September 23rd : Bisexual visibility day

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bisexuals make up more than 50% of the LGBT community yet are often invisible. 

Bisexuality refers to the romantic and/or sexual attraction of people towards others regardless of their sex and/or gender. Yet, most of the bisexuals are seeing their sexual orientation denied by the people around them and seen as gay or straight because of their ongoing relationship. 

Bisexuals often have to face biphobia coming from straight and queer community. That's why every 23rd of September since 1999, the bisexual community is celebrated. 

You can use the hashtag #BiVisibilityDay to support the movement today. 


"There is something exquisite and profoundly beautiful about the capacity to love other human beings in a way that doesn't take gender into account as a 'deal-breaker.' Bisexuality is bigger than itself, in that it allows for love while teaching us new meanings/ways of love - and that's cause for celebration." 
- Amy Andre, Co-author of Bisexual Health: An Introduction