NGOS tell Germany to stop blocking anti discrimnation directive

Friday, 24 July 2015

Most of the european countries have been favorable towards the adoption of a european anti discrimination legislation. Only Germany hass opposed the idea, and is now targeted by human rights associations

The European Union, through the Commission, wants to definitively solve the issue of discriminations in Europe. Either linked to gender, sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity the E.U. aims to put an end to discriminations through a directive pushing all member states to actively fight against any kind of discrimination. For the moment, the legal framework is not restrictive enough and many people are still facing constant discriminations. Almost all EU member states are in favour of a planned Union-wide directive, only Germany is blocking the project and opposing any reinforcement of anti discrimination laws.

Over 40 associations, and NGOs submitted an appeal to the German government, demanding that it stop blocking the equal treatment directive.