Alliance européenne pour une transition juste.


Tuesday, 15 November 2022

The European Alliance for a Just Transition, is launching, this Tuesday 15 November 2022, a campaign to highlight the importance of social benefits on climate action. POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS is joining the campaign that is starting a day before the first European Employment and Social Rights Forum taking place on 16 and 17 November 2022 in Brussels, where European Commission representatives, Ministers and academics, together with policymakers and stakeholder will discuss the current societal challenges and opportunities of the green transition.


For the Alliance, and, particularly, organisations participating in this campaign, climate action boosts air quality, improves the quality of housing and will avoid the worst damage on health, people and prosperity from climate change. Faced with today’s fossil-fueled energy price crisis, energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy investments, in particular, can provide a lifeline to a more stable, healthy and resilient future. But to maximise the full social benefits, climate action must be implemented methodically, be targeted and be accompanied by measures that help to share the upfront costs equitably.

To achieve this, the Alliance proposes the following 7 recommendations :

  1. When designing climate policies, identify who may be adversely affected and what social benefits may arise
  2. Climate policies must be implemented in a timely and methodical manner so that people can get prepared and benefit
  3. Lowest-income households must receive temporary financial support to cope with high energy prices while ensuring they are not locked into fossil fuel
  4. Ensure fair and inclusive access to training programmes and education for sustainability
  5. Address the digital and territorial divide and provide alternative options to access support
  6. Investments flows for socially just climate action must be additional to existing social support programme
  7. Promote social dialogue for a just transition and broader civic participation in the social transformation

We invite you to read the full briefing and to follow our campaign on social networks with the following hashtags: : #JustTransition #eusocialforum  #climatepolicies #MaximiseSocialBenefits  #energytransition  #ClimateAction

The Alliance for a Just Transition was launched on 28 September 2021 with the strong conviction that acting for climate and social justice are inseparable. With 25 founding members, the Alliance is counting, today, 32 members, and has, during this past year, the opportunity to hold various reflexions and discussions.  The Alliance gathers, in a unique way, networks and movements working on social, environmental, climate and political issues.

Read the Joint Declaration here : join declaration    
#DeliverJustTransition #JustTransition4All

The 7 recommendations are endorsed by  :

SOLIDAR, CAN Europe, EAPN, WWF, EQUINOX, SocialPlatform, LLLPlatform,iedrich Ebert Stiftung, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ