A new method to understand occupational gender segregation in European labour markets

This report, published by the European Commission’s DG Justice, investigates gender segregation in European labour markets. It uses new investigating methods to understand and analyze gender segregation by occupation.

The study analyzes which sectors are male- or female dominated and what differences exist between the EU member states regarding this segregation. One of the findings is that more men than women work in sectors where they are in minority (i.e. more men work in female dominated sectors than women in male dominated sectors). Moreover, the report examines which kinds of workers are more affected by gender segregation (e.g. differences between fathers and mothers and workers without children) and what effects gender segregation has on risks occurring at the workplace.

Finally, the report focusses on how its results can be used in politics and notably in evaluating policy proposals. For example, the fact that both men and women benefit from working in mixed sectors can be seen as an incentive for more efforts in fighting gender segregation.



European Union